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734 Caledonia Ave
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205-1825 Bowen Road
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Post Concussion Symptoms Improve with Prism Glasses

Wow. I have been struggling with my concussion symptoms for nearly a year. After some test, Dr McCrodan built a pair of prism glasses for me to try on. He asked me to read, something I love to do and have been struggling to do for far too long. I read the first sentence of the paragraph and I’m not afraid to admit, that I started crying. I can read again. It was so overwhelming in a good way. I can’t be shy, because I looked over and the doc was teary eyed too. I tried the sobriety test for balance and I started crying again. Life is within my grasp and I’m ready to hold tight. The staff were such a pleasure to meet and everyone was so nice. The place is bigger on the inside, and very nice. Thank you so much for the opportunity to heal and what feels like magic. HIGHLY recommend.