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Cameron McCrodan gave a Ted Talk about the unknown or often overlooked parts of the visual system. Having over 36,000 views on Youtube, his speech has caught the eye of many adults, parents, students, and professionals, including Dr. Stull and Dr. Edwards. We welcome him on this month’s podcast!

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • Unlike a disease, it is difficult to show people what is happening or understand what the patient can see. This is why it can be overlooked or not treated if the doctor or patient are uneducated on this topic.
  • To a certain extent, people aren’t just “stuck” with their vision; because it is “such a learned process, you can make it more accurate”
  • Although studies can be helpful, it is important to “dig deeper” and fully understand the logistics behind the numbers and conclusion.
  • Approximately “12%-18% may have binocular issues”; however, many go undetected or do not interfere with everyday life.
  • Understanding what a patient wants to get from an exam can help tailor it and connect more with the patient.
  • Going through VT can improve so much more than just vision. Children and adults can see a change in behavior, self esteem, or schoolwork/work.
  • Cameron compares a child with a vision issue like a day at work with your computer down. You are still expected to do the same tasks but it is frustrating and focused your energy away from your responsibilities.

Listen to the podcast here.