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Give Your Family the Gift of Sight - Opto-mization NeuroVisual Performance

Opto-mization NeuroVisual Performance in Victoria and Nanaimo, British Columbia

Your vision is about more than just seeing clearly. We look at how your eyes and brain work together to diagnose deficits and find areas for improvement.

Who We Help

Struggling with symptoms, seeking improvements, or just want eye-care that delivers vision like you’ve never seen? The Opto-mization approach goes beyond the routine eye exam.


  • Problematic Symptoms/Condition: headache, dizziness, concussion.
  • Anyone - Children or Adults. Reading & Learning.
  • Visual comfort & clarity. Replace routine eye exam with better prescriptions.

What We Do

The Opto-mization process was born from the engineering mindset. We want to understand how your vision is working, and how we can make it work better.

We have taken the routine eye exam and expanded it into two key components; Neuro-Visual (Function) and Ocular Health (Structure).

The Neuro-Visual Assessment tests areas like eye tracking, eye teaming, and depth perception. This allows us to create a glasses prescription that takes these things into account. If you are a candidate for vision therapy to treat any diagnosed conditions, we go over those options.

Ocular health is about the physical structure of your eye. It involves most of the testing you are familiar with and is important for detection and management of disease.

*We go beyond the routine eye exam, to deliver glasses prescriptions and treatment options that can reduce symptoms and improve performance.

Additional Services

We now offer vestibular physiotherapy and chiropractic services to complement our visual care.

Specialized Eye Care For You

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Vision Therapy helps patients improve their foundation for reading, learning and playing sports. It’s a series of custom and individualized activities and exercises which function as a form of neuro-optometric rehabilitation.

The goal is to enhance eye tracking, focusing and eye teaming abilities as well as eye-hand coordination and visual processing speed.

The program is not only for children. Vision Therapy is effective for adults, especially if they are motivated to improve their visual abilities.

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Sports Vision Training isn’t about correcting your vision. You wear glasses or contacts for that. Vision Therapy is about training (or retraining) the brain to achieve maximum efficiency in the way it processes and responds to visual inputs.

Sports Vision is about training people with excellent vision to process and respond to what they see faster and better. Using a personalized and customized series of techniques and exercises, the brain learns to respond more accurately and efficiently. It’s just like muscle memory. Once you know and refine exactly how to react, you can do it again and again, and get better every time.

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Traumatic brain injury such as a concussion or stroke, or diseases such as MS, cerebral palsy, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), can result in potentially devastating visual problems.

There are also a number of inherited brain conditions that can similarly prevent the normal development of the visual system.

Fortunately, we've helped numerous patients rehabilitate and recover from their visual problems, ultimately reducing or eliminating headaches, dizziness, poor balance, and other symptoms. Serving Victoria and Nanaimo, British Columbia.

Read Our Patient Reviews
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2 days ago
Excellent "troubleshooting" approach and thorough exploration of all facets of my vision difficulties. Excellent service, focused on solutions.
- Springfield H.

Meet Our Eye Doctor

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Dr. McCrodan was inspired to focus his career on neurovisual performance shortly after graduation. He had been observing an appointment...
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Dr. Irvine graduated with distinction from the College of Optometry at Pacific University, one of North America's top schools for...

Never Heard of Vision Therapy
or Neuro Optometry?

Research shows that vision is more than just seeing clearly, but current optical treatment plans overlook how vision really works. Dr. Cameron McCrodan, OD, FCOVD, shares his journey in neuro-visual optimization through the eyes of his patients.

Learn more by downloading a free digital copy of his book below.

Optomize by Dr Cameron McCrodan

We Get Results, Together

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Have a child who struggles with reading? Eye tracking problems are a leading cause of learning problems. Reading, writing, spelling, and attention all depend on more than just seeing clearly.

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Problems with how your eyes and brain work together can cause dizziness, vertigo, balance problems and more. This mismatch is common in vestibular neuritis, migraines and Meniere’s.

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Are you still having symptoms?
Vision conditions can cause dizziness, headaches, migraines, difficulty with screens and more. 90% of those treated saw significant improvements.

Dr. McCrodan at TEDx Victoria

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