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Beyond Blindness Podcast

Listen to the podcast here:

On this episode you will learn three things:

What is Dyslexia? Diagnosing Dyslexia with an optometrist Understanding how the visual system works. 00:01     About doctor Cameron McCrodan

01:24     Why is Dr. Cameron McCrodan’s message important for you.

02:37     How did Dr Cameron McCrodan transitioned from being a regular optometrist to a doctor that focuses on the way that be I functions properly.

05:10     What is visual development

06:01     How visual development affects older people

08:15     What sets you apart from other optometrists?

10:33     What is dyslexia?

13:06     How to assess dyslexia?

15:53     Creating dyslexia awareness

18:24     Dyslexia and visual tracking

22:10     How to treat dyslexia.

26:00     How long does it take to treat dyslexia?

26:39     Delimitations to treat dyslexia online

30:25     Advice Dr. Cameron McCrodan to anybody who has dyslexia

35:58     Three things Dr. Cameron McCrodan does to stay on top of his game.

40:00     Section “On the way I see it