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Sports Vision Training in Victoria & Nanaimo

Sports vision training is a form of vision therapy that enhances visual skills and performance in athletes, giving them a competitive edge. Whether you play basketball, tennis, volleyball or a number of sports, sports vision training can improve your performance.

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The Importance of Visual Skills for Sports

The best athletes have mastered the art of split-second decision-making. That’s why athletes across the world are seeking sports vision optometrists so they can use the power of sports vision training to elevate their performance on the field, track, or court.

Sports vision training has little to do with how clear your vision is; rather, it focuses on developing essential visual skills which enhance accuracy and game awareness, allowing athletes to perform at their peak.

Whether you play soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, golf, or another sport — our sports vision training can help you hone critical visual skills to take your game to the next level.

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What Visual Skills Does Sports Vision Training Improve?

Sports vision training can enhance the following visual skills:

  • Balance: staying upright and controlling body movement
  • Contrast sensitivity: telling objects apart from the background
  • Depth perception: quick and accurate judgment of the distance and speed of objects
  • Dynamic visual acuity: clear visibility of objects in motion
  • Eye tracking: how the eyes focus on moving objects
  • Focusing: quick change of focus from one object to another
  • Hand-eye or body-eye coordination: using the eyes to coordinate hand and body movements
  • Peripheral awareness: seeing objects in your side vision
  • Reaction time: the speed you perceive and respond to visual stimuli

Strengthening these visual skills can help you unleash your full athletic potential.

What Happens When You Have Poor Visual Skills?

In the world of sports, visual skills are not only important for success but for preventing injuries too. Even slightly improving your tracking, processing, and reaction abilities can put you ahead and help keep you safe. Using the expertise of renowned leaders in vision, neuro-cognition, and sports performance, Opto-mization has created an innovative sports vision training facility that improves visual-cognitive skills such as peripheral vision awareness, eye-tracking, visual concentration, and colour contrast.

What To Expect During Sports Vision Training

Sports vision training is a customized form of vision therapy that enhances specific visual skills that are key for athletic performance. Through a series of targeted exercises, it trains the brain to collaborate seamlessly with the eyes, unlocking improved visual function.

During your sports vision training journey, our sports vision optometrist will conduct various tests tailored to your unique needs as an athlete. At Opto-mization, our program involves a combination of in-office appointments and prescribed daily exercises for a few weeks or months.

Follow-up appointments ensure that your visual skills progress steadily to help you perform at your best.

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Sports Vision Training For Hockey

Professional hockey players need more than just crystal clear vision on the ice. They also need good visual skills to be able to skate smoothly, track the puck, anticipate movements, make split-second decisions, and avoid collisions with other players that can result in injury.

Sports vision training can enhance your depth perception, contrast sensitivity, hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, focus, and tracking skills. This will enable you to react swiftly to scenarios on the ice and maximize your competitive edge.

Sports Vision Training For Basketball

The difference between a good basketball player and a great one lies in their visual prowess. From tracking the ball in motion to accurately assessing the distance, direction, and speed of players — every move on the court depends on balance, precise eye tracking, and exceptional hand-eye coordination.

Sports vision training can enhance these visual skills and improve your performance on the court.

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Sports Vision Training For Football

Football is a dynamic sport that requires lightning-fast decision-making and reactions. Sports vision training is key for improving the following essential visual skills: hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, reaction time, visual memory, and depth perception. Enhancing these skills will not only help keep you safe on the field but raise your game significantly.

Vision Training Works For All Sports

Vision training benefits athletes across a range of sports, including swimming, hockey, football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, soccer, golf, rugby, tennis, and more.

If you’re in Victoria or Nanaimo and are ready to enhance your athletic abilities, contact Opto-mization today to start your sports vision training journey!

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