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Sports Vision Therapy In Victoria & Nanaimo, British Columbia

Sports Vision Training Can Give You a Serious Edge
Over Your Competition

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It Takes Way More Than Strength and Speed to Be at the Top of Your Game!

No matter the sport, an athlete’s core skills come down to how quickly and accurately they react to a play in real-time. Making the right decision in a fraction of a second is what sets pro athletes apart.

Athletes around the world, whether they’re into soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, golf, skiing, or dozens of other sports, are turning to sports vision training to gain an edge over the competition.

With sports vision training, an athlete can become an exceptional player by improving the essential visual skills needed for eye-hand-body coordination and to make split-second decisions in their sport. Even athletes with 20/20 vision may lack the visual skills needed to truly excel in their sport.

To learn more about sports vision training and to find out how it can help you or your child succeed in sports, contact us today!

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Sports Vision Training Gives You An Edge Over Your Competition

Sports vision training is an area of sport science dedicated to improving athletic performance by ensuring that the brain and body efficiently process the information obtained through the eyes.

Sports vision training helps optimize the brain’s ability to react to visual signals to improve:

  • Balance – the ability to stay upright or in control of body movement.
  • Contrast Sensitivity – the ability to distinguish between an object and its background, like a white ball against the sky.
  • Depth Perception – the ability to quickly and accurately judge the distance and speed of objects.
  • Dynamic Visual Acuity – the ability to clearly see objects in motion
  • Eye Tracking – the ability to “keep your eye on the ball.”
  • Focusing – the ability to rapidly change focus from one object to another quickly and efficiently.
  • Hand-Eye or Body-Eye Coordination – the ability to use your eyes to direct the movements of your hands and body.
  • Peripheral Awareness – the ability to see things out of the corner of your eye.
  • Reaction Time – how quickly a person perceives an anticipated visual event and how quickly they can react to that stimulus.

Evaluating and strengthening each of the visual skills listed above can help increase your chances of playing your sport like a pro.

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What Happens When Our Visual System Is Inaccurate?

Athletes, especially those in visually demanding sports, need to have remarkable visual skills. The ability to focus, track fast-moving objects, and react quickly can mean the difference not only between winning and losing but between staying safe and incurring an injury. So even the smallest increase in processing ability, reaction time, and resilience can put an athlete ahead of his or her game.

By pooling the knowledge and experience of the recognized leaders in the field of vision, neuro-cognition, and sports performance, we created a sports vision training facility dedicated to improving the visual-cognitive skills of athletes.

Perfecting cognitive-visual skills such as

  • Peripheral vision awareness
  • Eye-tracking
  • Visual concentration
  • Color contrast

…can mean the difference between merely good and exceptional.

Sports Vision Training in Victoria & Nanaimo Enhances The Following Skills:

Sports vision training is a personalized form of vision therapy aimed at developing specific visual skills in athletes. The exercises in a sports vision program train the brain to effectively interact with the eyes and improve visual functioning. There are multiple visual functioning tests an athlete might undergo in a sports vision training program. These vision tests vary and depend on the athlete’s specific needs.

The sports vision training program consists of weekly in-office appointments and assigned daily exercises, and can range from several weeks to several months. It involves close monitoring and follow-up appointments to ensure steady improvements in the patient’s visual functions.

No matter what type of program you are given, motivation and consistency are the keys to getting the maximum benefit.

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Sports Vision Training For Baseball In Victoria, British Columbia

Baseball requires better than 20/20 vision. In fact, the vast majority of MLB baseball players have better than 20/15 vision. Odds are that if you can’t see at least as well as 20/15 then you aren’t going to make it into professional baseball.

And it’s more than visual acuity which makes a great baseball player. You have to be able to see where the ball is in any background and accurately gauge where and when to swing, pitch, and throw. This requires exceptional depth perception and contrast sensitivity, amongst other visual skills.

At the Opto-mization NeuroVisual Performance in Victoria, British Columbia, we work with aspiring and professional baseball athletes to hone and enhance their athletic visual skills through advanced Sports Vision Training techniques.

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Sports Vision Training For Basketball

A basketball player depends on a number of visual processes in order to be at the top of his or her game. Judging the ball in motion and the distance, direction, and speed of players all depends on balance, proper eye tracking, and hand-eye coordination.

These vision skills can be improved and enhanced through sports vision training—turning a good player into a great one.

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Sports Vision Training For Football

The core athletic skills in football players come down to how rapidly and accurately they visually interpret and react in real-time. These skills can be refined, improved, and enhanced through sports vision training. The vision skills that are pivotal for a football player’s success include:

  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Peripheral vision
  • Reaction time
  • Visual memory
  • Depth-perception

For an assessment of more information, please give Opto-mization NeuroVisual Performance a call.

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The Research On Sports Vision Enhancement

Improved Batting Averages

A study of the University of Cincinnati baseball team showed drastic improvement in the batting averages of players following six weeks of various kinds of vision training. The team batting average went up 34 points from the previous season, exceeding improvements of other N.C.A.A. teams. Errors decreased by 15 %, while fielding assists increased by 8 %. Across all tracked batting parameters, vision training showed improvements of 10% or more.

Another study conducted out of the University of California Riverside tested the effects of Vision Training on real-life applications with their own college baseball team. The athletes on their baseball team were able to improve their reading of eye charts by 30 percent — as well as their batting averages — after completing more than two dozen 25-minute vision training sessions using a computer program. According to the study, “trained players showed improved vision after training, had decreased strike-outs, and created more runs”.

Contact Opto-mization NeuroVisual Performance to stay at the top of your game.

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Vision Training Works For All Sports

Numerous studies have tracked the benefit of Vision Training for athletes from many different sports. Some of the sports that have shown improvement in performance are Hockey, Table Tennis, and Golf, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis. For sports with rapid movements, the athletes who have undergone sports vision training have a significant advantage over their competition.

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At the Opto-mization NeuroVisual Performance, we work with athletes in just about every sport to sharpen their game skills. These include:

  • Baseball & softball
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Football
  • MMA
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Wrestling
  • and much more

The Opto-mization NeuroVisual Performance provides Advanced Sports Performance Training serving Victoria, Nanaimo, and Duncan, British Columbia as well as Vancouver Island and Victoria and Nanaimo and the .


Clark JF, Ellis JK, Bench J, Khoury J, Graman P (2012) High-Performance Vision Training Improves Batting Statistics for University of Cincinnati Baseball Players. PLoS ONE 7(1): e29109.

Deveau J, Ozer DJ, Seitz AR. Improved vision and on-field performance in baseball through perceptual learning. Curr Biol. 2014;24(4):R146–R147. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2014.01.004

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