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Success Stories of Patients with Reading & Learning Problems, Strabismus, Behavioural problems, & ADHD

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I have Post Concussion Syndrom and Optomization changed my life. They have taught me about my vision and brain issues and how to help with symptoms. I highly recommend this Dr and gis team!!
1 week ago
- L F.
Best eye doctor experience I’ve ever had!
1 month ago
- Worn 1.
I have been dealing with Severe DAI TBI and PTSD for 12 years without much relief from many symptoms due to the injuries I sustained in an MVA. Seeing Dr Cameron McCrodan was a game changer! Huge relief with the glasses he made up for me with prisms in them. Every other Dr who tried prisms made my double vision worse! What he did made it so I could see one image. Instead of double, quadruple to looking like a kaleidoscope when extreme neurofatigue would set in for me! Vision therapy is going to take place to retrain my visual system to do what it did before my MVA and the prisams will no longer be required in the end. I heard about him about 5 years ago but waited...I wish I never did as a ton of issues have been validated by him and his staff and my life is improving further. Something I never thought could happen. Thank you Dr. Cameron McCrodan and staff for your expertise in your field and being professionals on a higher level.
2 months ago
- WES M.
Dr. McCroden was extremely personable, knowledgeable and was able to impart a solid understanding of where my eyes are struggling.
5 months ago
- Melodi
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Success Stories of Patients suffering from TBIs, Post Concussion, Migraines & Headaches, Poor Balance, & Dizziness