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Optomize by Dr Cameron McCrodan

Never Heard of Vision Therapy
or Neuro Optometry?

Research shows that vision is more than just seeing clearly, but current optical treatment plans overlook how vision really works. Dr. Cameron McCrodan, OD, FCOVD, shares his journey in neuro-visual optimization through the eyes of his patients.

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Keep up-to-date on the latest vision-related news and vision therapy studies at Opto-mization NeuroVisual Performance.

Why, post concussion, would turning your head cause snapshots of vision to follow slowly?

That's actually a really cool one. So when you're turning your head there's a couple of different things that need to happen. One if you're turning and looking at a stationary target you know your eyes have to stay on that. But oftentimes when you're turning your head, we've got...

Amazing letter from one of our post concussion patients

I wanted to write to talk about my experience with Dr Cam McCrodan and the Optomization Team. I sustained a concussion in a car accident over 5 years ago. I was originally in denial with regards to my injury but I deteriorated at a fast pace and within a few...

Can a Brain Injury Affect Vision?

If you’ve experienced a traumatic brain injury, you might still be experiencing some visual problems. Schedule an appointment with a neuro-optometrist, who can diagnose and treat visual problems resulting from your head injury.

After an old injury, muscle on the top side of eyes feels like it’s pulling or tearing!

 There are a number of interesting symptoms that can come up when vision has been impacted after injury. With that light sensitivity and everything, I would definitely urge you to make sure that you've had an appointment with an optometrist who works in this area because there are a...

Can Hitting Your Head Cause Blurred Vision?

Is your vision blurred, or do you experience other vision problems following your head injury? A Neuro-Optometrist near you will tailor a treatment program to help you see clearly again.

10% of Children Have Undetected Vision Problems

Here’s what you need to know about why visual problems can go undetected, and how vision therapy can help your child develop healthy vision.

Play Soccer? Why You Should Improve Visual Processing Speed and Eye-Body Coordination

Sports vision training is an ideal way to develop visual processing and eye-body coordination skills that are sure to improve your performance on the soccer field along with other sports.

NeuroLens and NeuroLenses 

Looking for Neurolens?  You want to find out if the Neurolenses are better than prism glasses prescribed by an optometrist, and if they are worth the money.  I’ve seen patients using the NeuroLens, and tracked their changes. Long Story Short: Click here About the Author: Before optometry I was in engineering, and I...

Martial Arts: Improve Your Reflexes With Sports Vision Training

People practice martial arts for many reasons: as a sport, for self-defense, as a form of self-expression, or to boost their discipline and confidence. Whatever the reason, succeeding at martial arts requires excellent reflexes— and that's where sports vision training can help.

Does Your Child Have 20/20 Vision Yet Still Struggles In School?

Your child's eyesight may be excellent but have subpar visual skills that keep them from reaching their potential. Vision therapy can improve visual skills and boost your child’s performance in school and in sports.

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