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Why Referrals?

Like you, caring for patients and their vision is our priority! Our talented optometrist, Dr. Cameron McCrodan & Dr. Scott Irvine, has the training and technology to practice the fullest scope of optometry. As a result, many doctors like you, including ophthalmologists, primary care providers, pediatricians, and other optometrists, refer their medical and specialty cases to our practice Opto-mization NeuroVisual Performance.

Doctors commonly refer patients to our practice for specialty care, including:

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

Vision is fundamentally a function of the brain. The way we process depth, direction, speed, and color contrast all comes down to how the brain interprets the information the eyes provide.

Vision Therapy

Effective vision comes down to the way the brain and eyes interact. Whether reading words on the board, catching a ball, or tying our shoelaces, we rely on our visual system to work properly in order to succeed in these and other tasks.

Someone can pass all vision screening exams and excel in reading the charts on the wall, but still struggle with poor hand-eye coordination, reading problems, diminished focus, strabismus, convergence insufficiency, and amblyopia —all of which can be effectively addressed through vision therapy.

Sports Vision Training

Sports Vision is about training people with excellent vision to process and respond to what they see faster and better. Using a personalized and customized series of techniques and exercises, the brain learns to respond more accurately and efficiently. It’s just like muscle memory. Once you know and refine exactly how to react, you can do it again and again, and get better every time.

To refer your patient for expert care, you may:

Opto-mization NeuroVisual Performance – Your First Choice For Referrals

We treat all patients with the same respect and compassion we would seek for our own family members. A comprehensive referral report of our findings and treatment plan will be sent to you promptly. Rest assured that our mutual patients will be directed back to you for their primary care needs.

To learn more about the experience and services we provide to patients, many practices request a presentation by our doctor Dr. Cameron McCrodan & Dr. Scott Irvine. We do our best to accommodate your office.

Dr. McCrodan