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NeuroVisual Optometry & Vision Therapy

Located in Victoria & Nanaimo, British Columbia 

Our approach goes beyond clear & healthy vision to tackle visual disorders that transform everyday tasks into challenges. These disorders are often hidden culprits behind Dizziness, Headaches, Migraines, Anxiety, Computer Fatigue, Dyslexia symptoms, ADHD symptoms, and Post-Concussion or Stroke Effects.

Through the corrective use of prescriptive lenses & vision therapy, we train a more efficient synergy between your eyes & brain. For many of our patients, the impact is immediate–revolutionizing visual function, enhancing performance, and elevating quality of life.

Experience More Than Clear Sight – Unlock Your Full Visual Potential.

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Are You An Ideal Candidate For Opto-Mization?
Dizziness & Vertigo Image of Woman

Dizziness & Vertigo

If you experience dizziness and vertigo that leads to migraines and difficulties completing daily tasks, we’ll help you regain your balance.

Concussion or stroke image of man smiling

Concussion or Stroke

Concussions and strokes can cause visual disturbances. Luckily, neuro-optometric rehabilitation enhances visual function and supports recovery.

Computer Fatigue Woman on computer with glasses

Computer Fatigue

If you wear glasses and used to be able to work on the computer for hours but are now plagued by headaches or lack of concentration, we might be able to assist!

Sports Vision Image of athletic Man smiling
Sports Performance

Athletes who want to elevate their game and stand out from the competition can improve their visual performance through sports vision training.

Reading & Learning Image of toddler reading book
Reading & Learning

Children with reading and learning difficulties such as Dyslexia or ADHD may have underlying visual problems, such as poor eye tracking, that are impacting their academics.

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Top 3 Reasons Patients Choose Us

Better Vision for Kids & Adults

NeuroVisual Performance Support Children With Learning and Reading Challenges

01. We Support Children with Learning and Reading Challenges

Does your child struggle academically? When the eyes don’t work well together, this leads to eye-tracking problems that can impact a child’s learning. It goes beyond having clear vision — reading, writing, and staying focused depend on strong visual skills.

Vision therapy allows us to address visual problems that hinder your little one’s ability to thrive in school, sports, and beyond.

Vision Therapy
Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)

02. We Help People Conquer Balance Issues, Dizziness, and Migraines

Over 50% of your brain’s surface is dedicated to processing visual information, which means how you perform visual tasks is a good indicator of the effectiveness of the eye-brain connection.

If you frequently experience balance issues, dizziness, vertigo, migraines, Meniere’s disease, and vestibular neuritis, then you may have problems with your eye-brain connection that can be improved with neuro-optometry.

Neurological Condition
NeuroVisual Performance Help people conquer Balance issues, dizziness and Vertigo
NeuroVisual Performance Aid patients with reclaiming their life after concussion or stroke

03. We Aid Patients with Reclaiming Their Life After a Concussion or Stroke

When concussions or strokes affect the brain, they often disrupt the visual system. Using a tailored neuro-optometric approach, we’re able to assess and treat eye conditions to improve eye tracking, coordination, and overall visual function.

Our results have been nothing short of remarkable, with 90% of neuro-optometric rehabilitation patients experiencing significant improvements in their vision. Let us help you achieve similar breakthroughs by strengthening how your brain and eyes work together.

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Who Else Benefits?
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100% Satisfaction

Because we believe in the work we do, we commit to it by giving your money back if you don’t see a difference.


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Meet Our Eye Doctors

7 Point Check To Prescription Perfection: Accuracy to Start!

We started our Optical Lab because we understand the importance of getting your prescription right the first time.

Many optometrists overlook essential optical measurements, only prescribing 2 out of 7 or not considering certain points of vision. This can cause an improper fit, leading to headaches, migraines, dizziness, balance issues, reading difficulties, and attention problems.We take a comprehensive approach to your vision by considering all 7 optical measurements when crafting your glasses. We take into account various aspects, such as visual acuity and eye coordination, to ensure optimal results. Our specially designed Ergoptics™ glasses aim to enhance your reading and writing experience while minimizing headaches and eyestrain.

More On Ergoptics Glasses
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You Ask, We'll Answer
Educating you so you can make informed decisions

arrow-right-2 arrow-right-2 What is neuro-optometry?

Neuro-optometry is a specialized field that focuses on the connection between the visual system and the brain. It effectively treats vision problems caused by neurological conditions, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), strokes, or neurological disorders. 

arrow-right-2 arrow-right-2 I've heard mixed reviews about vision therapy results. Is it true?

Vision therapy results can vary depending on several factors, such as the severity of the individual's specific visual condition and how committed they are to the therapy program. Some people may experience rapid improvement, while others may need time and consistency to see desired results. 

arrow-right-2 arrow-right-2 What is visual acuity?

Visual acuity refers to the clarity or sharpness of vision. It’s usually measured using an eye chart and represented by a fraction, such as 20/20. The top number indicates the distance you are standing from the chart, while the bottom number represents the distance from which a person with normal vision can read the same line. Having 20/20 visual acuity means you can see at 20 feet what a person with normal vision can see at 20 feet.

arrow-right-2 arrow-right-2 Do you also offer regular eye exams and optometric services?

Yes, in addition to vision therapy and neuro-optometry services, we also provide comprehensive eye exams and general optometry services. Our experienced optometrists conduct comprehensive eye exams to assess overall eye health, detect eye conditions and diseases, and prescribe corrective lenses if necessary. 

arrow-right-2 arrow-right-2 Are vision therapy and neuro-optometry expensive?

The cost of vision therapy and neuro-optometry can vary depending on various factors, including the duration of the therapy program and the complexity of the visual condition. You can contact our offices in Victoria & Nanaimo to learn more about costs and whether you can benefit from insurance coverage or flexible payment options.

arrow-right-2 arrow-right-2 How long does it take to see results from vision therapy or neuro-optometric rehabilitation therapy?

The timeline for seeing results from vision therapy or neuro-optometric rehabilitation depends on a patient’s compliance and vision problems. Our eye care team will create a customized treatment plan and offer an estimated timeline based on your specific needs.

arrow-right-2 arrow-right-2 Is there an ideal patient for vision therapy and neuro-optometry?

People of all ages can benefit from vision therapy and neuro-optometric rehabilitation. If you have difficulties caused by visual processing problems, binocular vision disorders, amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (eye misalignment), or brain injuries, contact us to find out if our services are suitable for your specific condition and goals. 

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