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Our Eye Care Services

At Opto-mization, Dr. Cameron McCrodan, Dr. Scott Irvine, and the entire team’s unique approach to eye care revolves around evaluating how well your eyes work together and how your brain processes visual information.

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By booking a neuro-optometric assessment, you’ll learn more about the complex relationship between your eyes and brain, allowing us to create a personalized treatment plan that improves your overall visual performance.

Beyond the Ordinary Eye Exam

Vision is how your brain ‘touches’ the world around you. A neuro-optometric assessment delves into the intricate connection between your eyes and brain and can help identify any areas of weakness within your visual system. At Opto-mization, we analyze your eye movements, eye coordination, visual processing, and perception skills to detect any underlying problems that may be impacting your vision.

We offer customized solutions, including specialty eyewear and neuro-optometric rehabilitation, to heal your visual system and improve your productivity. Through our unique approach and personalized care, we can help enhance your overall visual performance, reduce headaches and dizziness, and boost balance, among other things.

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Enhance Your Child’s Learning & Reading Skills

Did you know that efficient eye movement is the key to seamless reading, unwavering focus, and remarkable retention? By scheduling a functional vision exam at Opto-mization, you can ensure that your little one has the visual skills to succeed in the classroom and on the playground.

We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee for patients who aren’t satisfied with their treatment or experience at our clinic.

Optimize Computer Time

Computer glasses can fall short of easing eye strain and boosting your productivity. Luckily, specialty vision prescriptions designed to optimize your unique vision needs can reduce eye fatigue and other uncomfortable symptoms while improving focus.

Drive with Confidence

By optimizing how your brain and eyes work together, you’ll transform your driving experience — allowing you to easily shift your focus, scan your surroundings, and confidently shoulder-check while driving, even at night.

Elevate Your Eyewear Experience

Although they may allow you to see clearly, glasses with a slightly-off prescription can cause headaches, migraines, and dizziness.

As an eyeglass wearer, you may also be concerned about your glasses worsening your eyesight or feel frustrated by progressive lenses.

At Opto-mization, our solution to these problems includes prescription glasses that go beyond just correcting vision and are designed to alleviate discomfort while enhancing your overall visual experience.

Therapeutic Glasses: Computer Use

What to Expect During An Eye Exam at Opto-mization in Victoria & Nanaimo

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1 - Neuro-Optometric Assessment

Unlike a routine eye exam, our neural eye exams at Opto-mization involve evaluating your visual function. This allows us to detect any underlying issues that may be causing symptoms like dizziness or making it difficult to complete daily tasks, such as reading or driving. Our treatment options are personalized according to each patient’s needs. They can include neuro-optometric rehabilitation, vision therapy, and a specialized glasses prescription that improves how the eyes and brain work together.

Our functional vision testing assesses the following:

  • Depth perception.
  • Eye teaming (binocularity)
  • Visual-vestibular integration (the connection between your vision and balance)
  • Visual-motor ability (how the visual system coordinates with motor skills)
  • Refraction (your prescription)
  • How various prescriptions and tools (including prism lenses) impact your visual function

2 - Eye Health Assessment

This focuses on screening the physical health of your eyes. However, we’ll only conduct an eye health assessment if it’s necessary, after your neural eye exam. Here’s what you can expect during an eye health assessment, should you need one:

  • OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography): 3D scans of the retina and nerve for detailed analysis
  • NCT (Non-Contact Tonometry): a quick and painless measurement of eye pressure using a puff of air
  • Bio-microscopy: an in-depth exam of your eyes using a bio-microscope
  • Keratometry: accurate measurement of the cornea’s curvature
  • Visual acuities: how clear and sharp your vision is
  • Optional visual field testing to evaluate peripheral vision
  • Optional dilation to widen the pupils for a more comprehensive exam
Eye Care Services