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Specialized Therapeutic Glasses: A Visionary Approach to Headache Relief

Did you know your glasses could be connected to headaches, migraines, dizziness, and balance problems? While there isn't a 100% cure for migraines, our specialized approach to glasses can help alleviate symptoms linked to increased computer use, eye strain, and light sensitivity.

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Case Study: A Tale of Hope
and Transformation

Janice’s story might resonate with you. Her journey from debilitating migraines to complete relief is a testament to the transformative power of Ergoptics™ – a cutting-edge method changing how we approach vision issues and headaches. Janice had battled headaches since childhood, but when her work demanded long hours in front of a computer, they escalated to a new level of agony. Daily migraines accompanied by visual disturbances left her feeling like she was navigating through rippling water. The relentless pain and discomfort disrupted her life, forcing her to wear sunglasses even indoors.

A Paradigm Shift in
Vision Care

Enter Ergoptics™ (ergonomic optics) — the revolutionary field of therapeutic glasses that redefines the role of corrective eyewear beyond mere clarity, helping countless patients such as Janice. For decades, traditional optometry has focused on correcting visual acuity, often overlooking the broader impact of how the brain processes information. Therapeutic glasses take a different approach, recognizing that lenses can be finely tuned and personalized to the unique needs of each pair of eyes to optimize visual efficiency and reduce discomfort.

Leading the Way to Relief From Headaches With The Correct Glasses

Dr. Cameron McCrodan, a visionary optometrist, has been at the forefront of this paradigm shift, helping patients like Janice rediscover a life free from debilitating headaches. Through meticulous assessment and personalized lens prescriptions, Dr. McCrodan and Dr. Scott Irvine aim to realign the relationship between the eyes, brain, and external environment, offering profound relief to those who have suffered for far too long.

Beyond Clear Vision:
The Ergoptics™ Difference

But how do these prescriptions differ from traditional eyewear solutions? The key lies in its approach to addressing the root causes of discomfort. Rather than focusing solely on visual clarity, these therapeutic prescriptions seek to harmonize the visual and vestibular systems, improve eye coordination, and alleviate the strain caused by prolonged near-vision tasks. This approach can lead to positive outcomes, from reducing headaches to enhancing overall visual performance.

Your Personalized Path to Life Without Headaches

Our approach isn’t just about tackling headaches; it’s about optimizing visual function for a better quality of life. Our techniques are a blend of art and science, utilizing tools such as prisms, specialized occlusion techniques, and precisely tailored prescriptions to create lenses that act as intermediaries between the external world and the brain. This innovative approach doesn’t just correct vision — it enhances visual processing efficiency. If you’ve been searching for answers to chronic headaches or seeking to improve your visual efficiency, consider exploring the world of Ergoptics™ therapeutic glasses. The path to relief may be closer than you think, and with the guidance of experts like Dr. Cameron McCrodan and Dr. Scott Irvine, you can embark on a journey toward a more comfortable, fulfilling life.

Therapeutic Glasses: A Visionary Approach to Headache Relief
Therapeutic Glasses: Computer Use

Computer Use Without the Strain

Most glasses are not designed for extended computer use. One of the worst offenders is the progressive lens, which can often result in poor head posture and cause difficulty tolerating computer screens.

Even many of the ‘computer glasses’ that are prescribed may be part of your problem. This happens because the lenses are made with generic formulas that make too many assumptions about how your eyes work.

With an Ergoptics ™ computer lens prescription that is specific to how your eyes work, you will find that you can work harder, faster, and longer with less fatigue.

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