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Glasses and Ergoptics

Did you know that your glasses could be contributing to: headaches, migraines, dizziness, balance, reading difficulty, attention problems and more?

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The problem: Most glasses are prescribed only for clear vision. This ignores the impact of your prescription on depth perception, eye tracking, and binocularity (eye teaming). So not only do many prescription miss the opportunity to help, they may also be contributing to the problem.

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The Solution:

A therapeutic glasses prescription takes into account how your eyes and brain work together. The prescription is optimized to improve eye tracking, binocularity, depth perception and more. This is what we call Ergoptics ™.

Ergoptics ™ comes from ‘Ergonomic’ optics because the lens is used to improve efficiency and comfort. While an Ergoptics ™ prescription may not look any different to the causal observer, the wearers’ experience tells a very different story.

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Reading speed, fluency and comprehension all rely on accurate eye movements. An Ergoptics ™ prescription can help to improve how accurately the eyes move through the text. This has helped many children who were struggling to read, and many adults who needed better reading performance.


Dizziness often occurs when what you see doesn’t line up with your other senses. Your glasses can change your depth perception and affect your dizziness. Often a regular prescription (especially progressive lenses) that is only prescribed for clearness, can actually make your dizziness worse!

An Ergoptics ™ prescription is adjusted to improve the visual and vestibular (inner ear) integration, resulting in less dizziness.


Trouble coordinating the eyes can create difficulty with attention. It has been shown in numerous studies that problems with how the eyes work together can cause the symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

Ergoptics glasses can help the eyes work together more effortlessly, resulting in improved ability to sustain focus and attention.


Vision is your dominant sense, and how you see the world can impact your balance. Often times regular prescription glasses can negatively affect balance. This can cause problems on uneven ground, stairs or with falling. This can happen at any age, but is very common in seniors.

With Ergoptics, the prescription is calculated for more accurate depth perception which improves balance and stability.


Headaches and migraines are often caused by visual input. Bright lights, busy places, computers, flickering, reading, and motion are just a few examples. Extra strain on processing vision can be a major contributor to headaches and migraines.

An ergoptics prescription can help your eyes work together more efficiently and allow your brain to process vision with less effort. This can reduce your headaches and migraines.

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See if your vision is causing you headaches, migraines, dizziness or more.

Step1: Hover over the picture to display the image.

Step 2: If it causes you any negative symptoms or discomfort, it indicates that your brain is not processing vision accurately. Contact us for an appointment.

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Computer Use

Most glasses are not designed for extended computer use. One of the worst offenders is the progressive lens, which can often result in poor head posture and cause difficulty tolerating computer screens.

Even many of the ‘computer glasses’ that are prescribed may be part of your problem. This happens because the lenses are done with generic formulas that make too many assumptions about how your eyes work.

With an Ergoptics ™ computer lens prescription that is specific to how your eyes work you will find that you can work harder, faster and longer with less fatigue.

What makes an Ergoptics ™ prescription?

Almost all glasses are prescribed with one thing in mind; clarity. Unfortunately, other factors in the glasses can cause problems with reading, focus, dizziness, headaches, migraines and more.

  • An Ergoptics prescription provides the clarity that is needed and works to improve other areas of visual function. This can include:
  • Eye tracking accuracy
  • Depth perception
  • Focusing
  • Binocularity (how the eyes work together)

The prescription may utilize certain tools such as prism, tints, progressives, bifocals, bi-nasal occlusion and more. It is customized to give you the best results.

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