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Vision Therapy Helps Reading & Learning Problems

Even with ‘perfect vision’ he was losing interest in learning. Vision therapy turned it around, and even helped his baseball

At 6 years old my son was falling behind in school. He was showing a decreased interest in learning. We started him with a great tutor and things were moving along nicely. We took the summer off between grade 1 and 2. When he started back with the tutor in grade 2 she was worried almost right away. Our son was having a real hard time and was becoming very silent. This was odd for such an active and outgoing boy. The tutor was quick to figure out he may have a tracking issue. He could read the same word in one sentence and than by then next sentence with the same word, he couldn’t read it. We thought maybe he wasn’t trying or being lazy. The tutor suggested we go see an eye therapy specialist. I mentioned he just had an eye exam with the eye doctor and he had perfect vision. So why did we need to see an eye therapist. She said trust me, go.

After being enrolled for just over 20 weeks of eye therapy, we couldn’t be happier with the results we have seen. The simple things like reading what song was playing in the car or road signs are now happening, and he is gaining more confidence reading. This week he got his first 10 out of 10 on his school spelling test. Eye therapy has taught him great tools to use when trying to learn. We are also using these tools as adults. Our son has always enjoyed baseball, however didn’t connect with the ball all that much. This year we went to try outs and he is 7 playing with 11 year-olds and is their number one pitcher! To watch your son grow with confidence since we have started eye therapy is worth all the hard work.

The commitment of time has been a challenge for our busy family. We live in Sidney and have to drive into town once per week for our hour session. Than we need to complete the homework each day for 20 minutes. 20 minutes isn’t a ton of time but as most families it was so hard to add to our day. We managed to be in a routine of doing it before we went to school, so no matter how busy our evenings were, we stayed on top of it. After seeing the results we have (and only at the half way point!), we couldn’t be happier and more pleased to recommend Cam and his team at Opti-mization to anyone. The only thing we wished for is that we started sooner.

- Pam