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Vision Therapy Program Improved focus and attention

Her mom, Alberta shares Charlotte’s story.

I am writing to describe the changes that I see in Charlotte that have occurred since this time last year. Charlotte and I committed to therapy sessions and vision therapy homework and did not focus on school work since no amount of practice with school work or reading was effective in assisting Charlotte with her learning.  I share custody of Charlotte and could assist her half time only. I directly attribute the success that Charlotte has experienced to the vision therapy work that Charlotte has completed.

Then, Charlotte was frustrated angry and had self esteem issues due to the struggles she was having learning at school. Charlotte was unable to participate in home reading with me. Home reading sessions would end with Charlotte and I raising voices and crying.  Charlotte and I could not identify why home reading was so difficult. Charlotte would make statements like “I’m stupid” and it broke my heart. I had to try every technique in the book to force Charlotte to sit and work on therapy with me. It made Charlotte physically uncomfortable to focus.  She would get head aches and sore eyes.

Now, Charlotte is confident and proud of the work that she completes at school as well as with the work she completes after school. I watched while Charlotte sat relaxed and reading to a younger student when I picked her up from after school care a few days ago. Charlotte is happy and aware that she was unable to see properly before but now she can now! Charlotte can recognize her own letter reversals when printing and edit her own work.  Charlotte reminded me of the follow-up appointment coming up “next month” last month! Charlotte and I are very proud of her success. I met with Charlotte’s teacher last month and discussed progress. Charlotte was almost at expected levels for all subjects at that time. I am getting Charlotte’s report card today and am confident that it will be amazing!

- Alberta