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Hello Dr. Cam, Here is my review for you and your staff regarding my experience with Opto-mization. Thank you again for everything! Things are going well.

I cannot say enough about Dr. Cameron McCrodan and the staff at Opto-mization. The treatment I have received has been literally life changing.

I suffered a severe concussion that affected my mental clarity and focus, my musculoskeletal functioning and my vision. I was originally referred to physiotherapy to help with all of the above. My physiotherapist, after a thorough assessment, referred me to Dr. Cameron McCrodan for further assessment with my vision. After going through the initial assessment, I was shocked to discover that my mental clarity and functioning had a TON to do with my vision and the connection, or in my case the lack of, between my eyes and my brain. Opto-mization’s slogan is ‘You see with your brain, not with your eyes’. Never did I ever think I would find out how true this statement is!

After 20 weeks of working with Karen S, vision specialist, and regular check-ins with Dr. Cam, I am almost back to my old self, with the complete surprise of having better vision than before my concussion! Every visit I learned something new about my balance, depth perception, peripheral vision, reading comprehension, and the brain/vision connection. The exercises seemed so simple, yet they were incredibly challenging and super effective. You don’t realise how much you can’t do until you must do it and discover that you can’t!

Something I had found really surprising was how much better I was at playing hockey. Better than before my concussion. The vision therapy has given the ability to see the ice better with my peripheral and depth perception. Even my timing for passing and one timers has got considerably better. It was a nice added bonus to the therapy. I feel that without this therapy I would not yet have been back to work or living a normal life. A huge thank you to the entire staff at Opto-mization vision therapy for your professional and compassionate, genuine support.

- Steve H.