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Home » Neuro Optometry » Dr McCrodan has a passion for what he does and he gave me back my life and joy

I am 75 years old and suffered a cerebral stroke. My symptoms were dizzy spells, loss of depth perception, seasickness, inability to read and comprehend, balance problems and navigating stairs was frightening.

Before the stroke I loved to walk, read, go boating and do aquafit. After the stroke these activities became a huge problem.

I related all of these symptoms to my GP, an ENT specialist, an Optometrist, and an Ophthalmologist. A CT scan of my head showed exactly what the problem was but nobody was able to help me.

I finally sought help from a Physiotherapist, specializing in vestibular ( dizziness ) problems. He was able to refer me to Dr. McCrodan (neuro optometrist) at Opto-mization, and my life took on a whole positive change.

During my first assessment with Dr. McCrodan he listened and I felt I was heard. He said he could help me. I had my first glimmer of hope!

From the very beginning of this healing journey, I have been treated with kindness, dignity and respect, not only from Dr. McCrodan but his entire team of professional, empathetic, encouraging and caring staff.

Dr McCrodan has a passion for what he does and to say he gave me back my life and joy in retirement years would be an understatement. For that I am truly grateful.

- Dave M, Google 2019