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Convergence Insufficiency Issues & Vision Therapy Solutions

I was having my regular biannual eye checkup and the optometrist said he had to “tighten” up my prescription on my right eye.  But my eye would not respond and my vision would not improve. Further tests indicated that I had Convergence Insufficiency.

I did some online research and realized I had many of the symptoms. Headaches, blurry visions, dry eyes and double vision.  Double vision was the worst. When I was driving, I would see four hands on the wheel.  I am an Accountant and spend long hours on the computer.  Sometimes things would get so bad I would just turn everything off and close my eyes.

We tried some home therapy exercises but that proved useless.  My optometrist was able to refer me to a new clinic opening in Victoria run by Dr. Cameron McCrodan.  The treatment was expensive, and not covered by insurance, but I really had no choice. As the condition would get worse and further impact my life.

In my first meeting with Dr. McCrodan, he said my condition was treatable although treatment for adults was not well documented.  So I started the 20 week program, showing up weekly for an hour’s worth of random exercises. I was also given “homework” to do, which I probably did about half the time.  To me the value of the program was that I had trained staff keeping me focused.  I know that my treatment would not have progressed as well if I was doing the program without their help.

I did not feel any immediate improvement, and it took about eight weeks before I even noticed minor changes.  But my vision started to improve. Things just started getting clearer.   Before I would look at a tree and just see the tree.  Now I would see the branches and minor details of the tree.  By the end of the program the other symptoms had gone. No more blurry vision and eye stress.  I used to get migraines and have been taking Imitrex for over twenty years, averaging a pill per month.  I have not had a headache since I started the program, over seven months ago. Fingers crossed that it continues.

For me the program was a complete success.  I no longer need a new prescription as the old one is now fine.  I have some computer exercises that I still practice, but I don’t really need them as my eyes are better than ever.  It was some of the best money I ever spent. It may not have been covered by the insurance but at least it is tax deductible.