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Concussion Treatments Vision Therapy

My son (grade 6 student) commenced treatment with Dr McCrodan after suffering a serious concussion accident.  He also had been diagnosed with dyslexia and the combination of the concussion accident had left him with no balance, memory loss and a grade 3 reading level speed.  He also found reading music difficult.  He had low self-esteem, no confidence, few friends, and was often bullied at school.

After following the specific program with Dr McCrodan and his staff (9 months), my student son regained his balance within 3 months.  He was unable to walk in a straight line, ride his bike, play ball or catch balls due to his imbalance.  It was a wonderful confidence boost for him to regain his balance.  He was able to join a soccer team and the following year his team won the cup for his age group.

The training, exercises and program was a challenge to fit in after a day of school, homework and other sporting, music activities.  However, he was a determined young man and followed the homework (approximately 30-45 minutes each night x 6 per week).

The result was amazing.  After 9 months, my son went from a grade 3 reading speed to grade 12 reading level!  His whole personality changed.  He was more confident, had many friends at school and his school report improved immensely.  He achieved grade changes in English C to B, Music, B to A, Maths B to A etc.  This was all due to the wonderful care, support and attention that was given to assist my son regain his reading/vision and balance.