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Vision therapy helps siblings excel in school

Crispin and Fiona have both undergone vision therapy to improve their visual development.

Crispin started vision therapy as a 13-year-old. Until that time, he struggled in school in virtually every subject, including math, reading, and writing. He spent countless hours with tutors and frustrated parents as he tried to learn everything thrown at him. Headaches were common after reading for any length of time. After vision therapy, he can read for hours on end without headaches and his writing has improved considerably. While math can be a struggle at times, he is able to work through his learning objectives with diligence.

One advantage of starting later is that Crispin was able to see the benefit of hard work of doing the therapy. However, if it was available to him when he was younger, it would have saved much of the frustration he experienced in all of his elementary schooling. The benefit of the therapy did not appear until near the end of the program. While it would be wonderful to see results sooner, the merit of being patient with vision changes taking place is substantial.

Fiona started vision therapy as a six-year-old who was very unsure of herself outside of her home environment. She would cling to us as parents and be very self-conscious in most situations. She struggled with reading and had frequent headaches. About half way through the program we began to see significant improvement in her reading and her headaches went away. Since vision therapy, Fiona has friends in almost every grade in elementary, she is reading and spelling about a year ahead of her grade, and she exudes confidence in everything she does. Instead of being afraid to try new activities, she enthusiastically embraces everything that comes her way. We know that this is a result of vision therapy.

It is no exaggeration to say that the lives of two of our children have been improved greatly as a result of vision therapy.