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Vision therapy helps overcome amblyopia

Scott was told amblyopia (lazy eye) would deteriorate his vision. Vision therapy changed his viewpoint.

It has been a couple of months since my last vision therapy appointment (and graduation!) and I wanted to thank you once again for the encouragement and inspiring atmosphere at your centre.

Dr. McCrodan, you and your staff extended every courtesy to ensure my successful treatment, and because of my hard work as well as the gentle reminders from you and your staff as to how important the homework was, I enjoy seeing my world in glorious 3D—the fall colours on the leaves of the trees are most significant when I see the trees in various spatial planes, and flying radio controlled helicopters with my friends has bloomed into a rewarding experience rather than a terrifying one due to not perceiving depth like I needed.

When I was told that by age 12 that my right eye would only deteriorate, imagine my surprise to learn that vision therapy existed and could help with my amblyopia! I can’t thank you enough for the extra enjoyment that restored vision is giving me.