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Vision Therapy Program for Migraines

Caroline’s condition left her nearly housebound with regular migraines and double vision.

I live with a rare neurologic condition with many symptoms that have no treatments.  In the last few years my vision started to deteriorate and I began to experience double vision everyday when my eyes would tire and frequent migraines.  It became worse and worse and the double vision would come on earlier and earlier until eventually I was not able to drive at all after lunch time onward.  This lead to my life becoming very limited and small.

I saw an ophthalmologist and and a neuro-ophthalmologist who diagnosed me with Divergence Insufficiency with no known treatments except for Prism lenses which eventually would not work either.  When I pushed for some solution – even exercises I could do at home the neuro-ophthalmologist remembered that there was this new clinic in Victoria which may be able to help me.

I had a consult with Dr. McCrodan and he felt sure that he could help me.  I was desperate for some kind of treatment as I was essentially trapped in the house most of the time and as a single parent this was not easy.  My amazing friends and family held a fundraiser for me and managed to raise the money needed to begin therapy.

It took more than twice as long as first expected for my vision to really improve to the point that I have gotten my life back.  It took a lot of hard work and perseverance on everyone’s part.  I never doubted that I would stick with it but I was amazed at how Dr. McCrodan, Sue and the other vision therapist never wavered in their support, encouragement and determination.  I expected that when my vision was not better after the 20 weeks that I would be done with therapy but instead Dr. McCrodan encouraged me that we were making progress and they would not give up on me until my vision was better.  This gave me the strength to keep faithfully doing my exercises and not give up either.

15 months later and many hours of exercises, high scores and trumpet sounds later I can see probably better than most people.  I do not have double vision anymore and I rarely get a migraine.  I can drive anytime of day even at night.  I have a social life again and my kids can be in activities that require me to drive them to.  Vision therapy has literally changed my life.  There is no doubt in my mind that Dr. McCrodan is doing the work he was meant to do and changing many peoples lives along the way. Somehow he has managed to find an amazing group of people to complete his team and care as much as he does.