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Flashback 1.5 years - My son, who is extremely bright in all areas was struggling with basic reading. Reading was painful, every word was a new word, even though it was a basic book where its the same words repeated over and over. Not for my son, every word was new, they all looked different. I'm thinking okay it's just going to take some time, painful time, for him to catch on, he may never like to read...we don't have a choice right, I'm doing everything I can?

After talking to my parents, my Dad had sent me Dr. Cam's Ted Talk where he discussed how sight is something many of us take for granted, but as he shows, there are many aspects of sight that are simply overlooked - and they can have a massive impact on our quality of life.Check out his TED talk here:

I watched this Ted Talk and was on the phone with his office within 1 minute, we might have found the help we needed!

Flash forward to present - after 40 weekly sessions with Dr. Cam's trainers, my son is a book worm. Now this didn't happen right away, it didn't happen in 3 months, or 6 months, but there was a steady progression where you could tell his brain and eyes were FINALLY working together instead of fighting. Finally sightword levels are being mastered inside a week. This took practice every night, a few new lens prescriptions along the way, 1 training appointment a week for what seemed like forever, adjusting our schedules to allow all this to happen and PATIENCE...all of the patience. BUT I'd do it all over again knowing the outcome we have now, I only wish we started sooner.

The Neuro Visual Trainers and Dr. Cam McCrodan were BEYOND amazing and were always looking out for what was best for my son. They stressed that he wouldn't be done until he was testing beyond a normal range so he would be set up for success, He added on 10 additional sessions to be sure we'd get there. Wow! What a great feeling that was, they were looking out for my son's needs just like I was.

PLEASE if you, or your kids are struggling with ANYTHING reading or vision related or headaches call his office and go in for a consult. 250-590-7384.

- Wendy C, Facebook 2019