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Post Concussion Patient, Mother & with a Career, Shares How Vision Therapy Changed Her Life

It’s difficult to think back to where I was when I first came to see Dr. McCrodan- several months post-concussion. It was a time when I felt totally lost and unsure about how I could manage life the way it was. Migraines, difficulty keeping up with conversations, poor concentration, inability to tolerate any place with crowds/lights/sounds, fatigue and anxiety were dominating my world, and I began to wonder if I’d ever be able to have a meaningful life again. To make matters more discouraging and frustrating, I was dealing with the invisibility of my newfound disability. Nobody could see how much I was suffering, not even those closest to me. That is, until I went in to see Dr. McCrodan. He validated my experience, backed it up with his assessments, and created a treatment plan that would target my debilitating symptoms.

I underwent vision therapy for over a year. It was challenging work. Some days just making it to my appointment was the only activity that I could tolerate. I had to plan rests for the first several months after VT. At times I wanted to give up, as I wasn’t seeing dramatic shifts. However, the numbers started changing, and slowly, my brain caught up to all of the work I was putting in. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit skeptical that VT could help with my lingering post-concussion symptoms; I can assure you that it has 100% changed my life.

I’m now back to being a fully engaged mother of two, I am able to give my career the attention it deserves, and I can go places now that once caused me to feel sick and exhausted. Vision therapy worked for me. It helped me in every way  possible, and I cannot thank Dr. McCrodan and his team enough for their support, encouragement, and customized program.