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Ergoptics and Vision Therapy Optimized Eye Brain Coordination

When I started Vision Therapy, my symptoms were a sensation in my left eye of a nail going from the inner corner into my brain, neck pain,  facial numbness, eye fatigue,  reduced energy and motivation due to constant pain and impaired endurance and quality of thought.

On my own I saw an optometrist for visual assessment and received from him a “standard” assessment and prescription.   This did not help my symptoms and in hindsight may have worsened them as I worked on the assumption my vision problems weren’t that significant and not contributing to other problems.

After being referred to McCrodan Vision and with the benefit of your assessment, insight and treatment the significant role of vision dysfunction on many areas of my life came into focus.

Fortunately as I near the completion of my vision therapy and with the benefit of new prescriptions from you there has been a major improvement in my vision, headaches, facial numbness, motivation and quality of life and work.

McCrodan Vision therapy has required commitment.   Improvement comes from doing the therapy exercises on a dedicated basis.   Fortunately for me there were steady improvements and even if on a week to week basis scores in a specific exercise  did not always improve the overall improvement in my health and vision was obvious and constant.

Vision is incredibly important to our lives.  It is easy to take for granted because the majority of us assume it’s just there and if something is little blurry or ours eyes are tired, “no big deal” we will just get a pair of glasses.

Vision is a big deal. Vision is not just how our eyes work.  Vision is about how our eyes work with our brain and what happens when they are not properly integrated.  Over 30% of our brains’ function is involved in receiving and processing the signals from our eyes.   When those signals are not coming in right and the brain is constantly scrambling to sort the signals out it causes major problems.   Glasses alone do not solve these problems.