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There are truly no words to properly express our gratitude

There are truly no words to properly express our gratitude to Dr McCrodan and his team of all star staff. Last year my husband (a healthy 39 yrs) suffered a very rare ruptured brain aneurysm, directly impacting his vision and brain processing.

Over the last 25 weeks we have attended either the Victoria or Nanaimo offices to complete a specialized and custom tailored Visual Training and rehabilitation program. We have learned so much and can't impart how amazing the program is. All the steps built each week to assist my husband in regaining control of his eyes and strengthening the connections to his brain to become healthy and functional again.

Along all steps of my husband's journey we literally had 24 hour support for questions and concerns, weekends included. This went A LONG way in calming our fears and anxiety. My husband received emergency brain surgery our of town on the mainland last year and we have felt very isolated and unsupported where we live here on Vancouver Island, UNTIL we were referred to Dr McCrodan and his team. It was truly like an answer to prayer!! The whole process has been long and hard, but it is so worth the end results.

We will NEVER forget this part of our journey. We look forward to watching my husband continue to heal and are thankful for the team of staff that rooted and cheered us on, who offered unwavering support and information. Dr McCrodan fine tuned the program when needed, looked further into options when challenges arose and has become a long time friend with his kindness and support during the toughest months of our lives. We will forever be grateful.

I can only hope that this helps whoever is reading this make a decision that WILL positively change you life forever. We know if you are looking into this you are struggling. We have been there. You are not alone, keep going.

- Angie B, Google 2019