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Lyme Disease Treatment with Vision Therapy

Thank you Dr. McCrodan and team!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support, encouragement and fun training exercises! Sarah M. was an exceptional trainer and patiently answered all of my questions ;-)

It was enlightening to learn how to improve my vision so that my eyes and brain function together now. I’m absolutely amazed (and so grateful) that my headaches have disappeared entirely! I’ve had headaches for 8 years so this is a lifesaver for me!

Thank you also for engaging in a fabulous interview with me on the CanLyme podcast Looking at Lyme episode 25

I especially enjoyed hearing your perspective as an engineer who understands how systems work together. Our listeners loved learning from you and expressed how much they learned from you. Thank you so much for your leadership, expertise and generosity!

Sarah Cormode

- Sarah Cormode