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Her concussion program wasn’t cutting it, and she wasn’t getting better. She turned to the people she could trust.

I’ve seen Dr. McCrodan and his staff twice for separate issues, 5 years apart. The first time was for a convergence insufficiency and the second time was after a serious concussion which completely debilitated me. Both rounds of therapy were similar in that they completely changed my life.The first time not only did we fix the convergence issue, I became a much faster reader, I stopped bumping into things, I felt like I was thinking faster and it actually felt like my IQ increased. It didn’t – my brain and eyes were just working way more efficiently together.The second time I sought help from Dr. McCrodan was after a serious concussion that had me off work for months. I asked the concussion professionals in the rehab programs if they thought I should consider neurovisual therapy and most said it probably wasn’t necessary. As the months dragged on I became more desperate to recover – despite being told multiple times that I didn’t need to try the therapy I followed my gut instinct and made a consultation appointment. Dr. McCrodan zeroed in immediately on what the issue was, prescribed me glasses to help and set me up on a 20 week program. The glasses began helping within a week of wearing them – it was a profound difference and greatly reduced many of my post-concussion syndrome symptoms. The therapy and daily homework can be frustrating at times, especially in the first half of the program that is set up for you. You must do your homework every day (no more than 20 mins) for this program to work. Symptoms can be triggered by the therapy, but in the end it is so worth the disruption. I’ve gone from not being able to drive, see straight, carry on a conversation, and experiencing daily headaches and dizziness to having all of these symptoms resolve, getting back to work and getting my life back on track.The profound difference neurovisual therapy, Dr. McCrodan and his staff have had on my life is humbling. I’m forever grateful for the vast knowledge, kindness and willingness of Dr. McCrodan to help solve these issues and help me get back to healthy and functioning again. My only regret is that I didn’t follow my gut and begin the process earlier.

- TN