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Ergoptics and Eye Strain | Vision Therapy Supports Eye Strain Recovery

I started suffering from eye strain in my early 20s during my first full-time desk job. Then, when I decided to add to the number of hours spent using a computer by becoming a part-time graduate student, I noticed a tugging sensation in my eye muscles. After hours of reading and typing on my laptop, I felt as though my eyes were being pulled inward. My focus was blurry and I often felt nauseated. I visited an optometrist who prescribed glasses with a prism in the lens to move my eyes into a better position. The glasses helped for a few years, but when I became a doctoral student (and fulltime Mom), my evening work schedule and general fatigue exacerbated the symptoms. I started getting headaches when I read too late in the day, even while wearing my glasses.

I became a patient of Dr. McCrodan after my son was born. He asked me to try a computer-based vision therapy program at home instead of prescribing a new pair of glasses. He asked me questions I didn’t think were related to my particular vision issues, like whether I bumped into things often or lost concentration easily depending on the kind of task. Dr. McCrodan noticed that my quality of life had been affected in ways a new pair of glasses wasn’t going to fix in the short- or long-term. After seven months of treatment, my symptoms improved significantly and I no longer needed a prism in my lenses. I noticed a difference in how long (and how well) I could study, but still experienced motion sickness and headaches after working for lengthy periods. I’ve decided to enroll in Dr. McCrodan’s vision therapy clinic. I’m looking forward to the comprehensive treatment afforded by this type of therapy to more fully address my symptoms.