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Children’s Vision Problems Mimic ADHD: Times Colonist article

The Times Colonist published a fantastic article today discussing how vision problems can mimic ADHD.  Early in my career I worked a lot with Dr. Quaid in Ontario, and he was one of the people that ignited my interest in developmental optometry and dealing with eye-teaming disorders.  To see an example of how a tracking problem can cause a reading difficulty, please watch this video here.

The paper also brings up a very interesting point about concussions and learning problems or attention problems despite having a normal MRI or CT scan.  After a concussion it is incredibly important to have eye-teaming and tracking tested, as often these skills are disrupted and the athlete may begin to struggle with reading and learning.  Vision therapy allows for the treatment of these vision problems, and can improve both reading ability and attention.


With how closely visual problems can mimic learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder, it’s important to have an in depth examination that will test eye-teaming and tracking.  We are proud to test and treat vision problems that affect reading and attention here in Victoria.  Testimonials is a link so some of our exciting success stories that have been published.