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Concussions: A Hidden Cause of Vision Difficulties

ConcussionsConcussions are a common injury, caused by a blow to the head that results in the brain colliding with the inside of the skull. 

While most people are aware of the immediate symptoms of a concussion, such as a headache, dizziness, and confusion — many don’t know that concussions can also lead to long-term vision difficulties.

At Opto-mization NeuroVisual Performance in Victoria, we treat vision problems caused by concussions and other neurological conditions. 

Types of Concussions

Concussions are classified into two main categories: mild (grade 1) and severe (grade 2 or 3).

Mild concussions are the most common type and cause temporary changes in brain function, leading to symptoms like headaches, confusion and dizziness. These symptoms often go away within 7-10 days.

Severe concussions can cause long-term symptoms, including confusion, loss of consciousness, amnesia, and headaches. 

Both types of concussions can cause vision problems that may impact your quality of life. 

Vision Problems Associated with Concussions

One of the most common vision problems associated with concussions is double vision. It occurs because the eyes become misaligned and send 2 distinct images to the brain. The brain and eye muscles struggle to create one clear image. 

Traumatic brain injuries, including a concussion, can also cause depth perception problems, which makes judging distances and navigating stairs or uneven surfaces a challenge. 

Light sensitivity, also known as photophobia, is another vision problem caused by concussions.  

Remember that not all people who have had a concussion will experience vision difficulties, but if you’ve had a concussion and now have visual symptoms, it’s time to be evaluated by a neuro-optometrist. 

Neuro-optometry helps patients with vision problems related to neurological deficits find relief from their debilitating symptoms. Neuro-optometric rehabilitation is a customized eye-brain therapy program that employs therapeutic lenses, prisms, filters and eye patches to help the eyes and brain work together more efficiently. 

Vision Problems? Find an Eye Doctor in Victoria

If you or someone you know has had a concussion, schedule a neuro-optometric evaluation at Opto-mization NeuroVisual Performance in Victoria

Our practice serves patients from Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncan, and Vancouver Island, British Columbia and surrounding communities.

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