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Whether it’s high performance around a track at 180mph or taking your family on a 3 hour trip, the fact is that you need your vision to arrive safely.  Everyone knows that you need to see clearly, but the other visual skills are often overlooked. These are the things that are important for keeping drivers from getting fatigued, double vision, blurry vision, and being able to stay focused on the road. 


Many drivers will experience times where the road will start to go slightly double or blurry.  This is often because their eyes have started to fall out of alignment. This is most often because the brain is not controlling the alignment accurately.  This is often easily remedied with a specialty glasses prescription (more than just for clarity), or with vision therapy to help the brain learn to use the eyes together more efficiently.


Fatigue is a common problem when driving for long periods of time.  If your eyes struggle to work together, the extra energy your brain has to spend on trying to correct this will make you fatigued.  This is similar to how poor wheel alignment will kill your fuel economy! So make sure that your eyes are working together properly, and avoid fatigue behind the wheel