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The Opto-mization Eye Exam Process

Our eye examinations go beyond clarity and eye health. We look at how your vision functions. This includes areas such as how your eyes track, work together, and how your brain processes your vision.

This allows for diagnosis and treatment of any problems, as well as ways to improve your visual performance.

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Better Vision, Better Comfort, Better Performance

Headaches/Migraines, Computer screen time, reading performance, dizziness, learning disabilities, night driving, balance, depth perception, hand-eye coordination, light sensitivity and more….

Go beyond the regular eye exam to assess how your eyes and brain work together. Our specialized testing looks at how your eyes track, work together, and how your vision is processed.
We identify areas for improvement, and prescribe specialized glasses/vision therapy so you can see the difference!

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Reading, focus, and retention depend on efficient eye movement. We specialize in improving reading eye movements so you can read faster, retain more, and focus longer.

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Computer Time

Your vision is not designed for long periods of computer time. Your glasses – yes, even computer glasses – are not prescribed to reduce strain or improve your productivity.

Specialized prescriptions can help you focus for longer with less symptoms, and increase your productivity.

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Experience faster focus when scanning your environment or shoulder checking. Night driving feels easy. When your eyes work together driving feels better, even at night.

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Your glasses may help you see clearly, but they could be causing other symptoms. Headaches, migraines, dizziness and more can all be caused by your prescription. Hate your progressive lenses?

We discovered why progressives bother people and found a solution. Worried about glasses making your eyes worse? There are ways to stop that. Our glasses prescriptions are designed to improve more than just clarity.

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The Exam Process

Our exam process is split into two parts:

1- Neuro-Visual Assessment 

This involves computerized eye tracking, visual performance testing, and refraction (checking your prescription). It involves more in-depth testing of visual function than a routine eye exam. This gives us the ability to diagnose any areas of dysfunction and determine options for treatment. The functional testing results in a specialized glasses prescription that takes into account how your eyes and brain work together.

Testing includes:

  • Eye tracking
  • Computerized tracking of eye movements
  • Depth perception
  • Eye teaming (binocularity) including vergences
  • Visual-vestibular integration (balance/dizziness)
  • Visual-motor ability
  • Refraction (prescription to see clearly)
  • Effect of various prescriptions and tools (including prism) on visual performance in above areas
  • And More!

2- Ocular Health Assessment 

This is focused on the physical health of the eye. It is similar to the routine eye exam you are used to, but does not include the refraction (glasses prescription) because that is done in the Neuro-Visual assessment.

The ocular health assessment includes:

  • OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) 3D scans of retina and nerve
  • NCT (Non-Contact Tonometry)- puff of air to measure pressures
  • Bio-microscopy – examining your eyes with bio-microscope
  • Keratomotery – measuring the curve of your cornea
  • Visual Acuities
  • May include visual field testing
  • May include dilation when necessary (able to opt out)

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