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From IEP to Honor Roll!

Opto-Mization Neurovisual Performance

Matthew Olson was described by the school assessment team as in need of yearly IEP’s due to his learning disability in Grade 2. In Grade 3 he continued to struggle with reading. We had yearly eye exams and the optometrist found nothing wrong with his vision. Through grades 4-7 he continued to struggle in school but had managed to work hard enough to get out of the ‘special classes’ for Math and Science and back into the classroom.

The year after Dr. McCrodan found the tracking issues Matthew came out of the ‘special programs’ in school. By Grade 9 he was on the Honor roll and continues to take normal classes and achieve great academic success in the curriculum in which he has interest. He is now in Grade 11 and  enrolled college level mathematics and continues to carry a 3.6 GPA average or higher each term. The assessment team at Oaklands Elementary actually told us when they leveled him that he would never be able to take normal college classes, that he could never catch up to his contemporaries and that he would always struggle intellectually. It is refreshing to look back and know that my own instincts were correct and that he could excel despite what others told us.

We are so grateful we found Dr. McCrodan and had a chance to see what his work entails. On a whim we got our children assessed and all of them have excelled beyond expectations. Thank you so much Dr. McCrodan.