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The pros have known for years that the best hockey players not only see the puck, but their vision also works in extreme ways to improve their game.

The puck is a small fast-moving object and you need to be able to tell where it is, and where it’s going to be. One of the most important visual skills in hockey is tracking the puck in 3-dimensional space, and then determining where it’s going to be next. This allows you to react faster and get the edge on your opponents.

The best hockey players are able to open up their peripheral vision so that they can pay attention to what’s going on in front of them, and make beautiful plays all around them. Great players are able to pay attention to what they are focused on in-front of them, but also still process what is going on around them. This is a visual skill that can be developed, practiced and honed, just like the rest of your game.

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