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Dr. Cam and his staff are the best! I got a terrible concussion in 2015 and after 3 brain injury programs in Alberta, I finally flew to Victoria, BC for the most significant improvement I have had yet. Although I have never fully recovered, I have improved with the help of this excellent optometrist and his warm and caring staff. I couldn't have done it without you Dr. Cam!!! Many, many thanks for improving my quality of life!
- R L.
I have a long history of concussion from both contact and non-contact sports. When I was referred to Dr. McCrodan I was having significant vision issues, to the point where I was having significant problems reading. I also had significant headaches, dizziness, and fogginess that were exacerbated by any amount of light exercise. As a student with plans to attend graduate school, my mental health was in significant decline. At my first appointment, Cam was incredibly empathetic but also completely confident he would be able to help me; he was willing to fully guarantee the cost of 20 weeks of vision therapy. Eric, the vision therapist I was assigned, was very personable and also confident that I would be able to make significant improvements. The vision training itself was tiring work, especially alongside classes. While it was only 20-30 minutes of exercises nightly, they would cause an increase in my symptoms for the night. I had to make sure that I was done all of my schoolwork for the night before doing them. I was still skeptical, and it was well over halfway through the process before I started noticing improvements. The magnitude of how far I'd come was not fully apparent until I completed the program. When I no longer had the nightly assignments and challenging weekly sessions with Eric, my symptoms were nearing a negligible amount and I was able to start slowly introducing exercise again. Now, a year after having met Cam, I am back to school and have been able to return to the gym for higher intensities of exercise. It took a lot of work, but was incredibly worth the vast improvements I've seen in both my mental and physical health. I very highly recommend for anyone with similar issues to seek out treatment with Opto-mization.
- Casey
Before seeing Dr McCrodan and his team I could barely walk a kilometer, due to PCS. Now I can run, swim and work part time. I am immensely grateful
- Max A.
Exceptional Service from all staff! Very Impressed!
- David R.
Without a doubt Dr. McCrodan is an expert in his field. I left the vision performance testing session with a thorough understanding of my underlying issues and hope that they can and will be improved with a guided neuro-visual rehabilitation program. I'm looking forward to working with him and the team at Opto-Mization! Can't wait to get my vision back!
- Daniel C.
Life-changing! In early 2020 I was in a car accident and suffered a concussion. I had a number of symptoms, and they weren't improving with traditional care. Dr. Cam was able to provide me a clear diagnosis and treatment plan which not only helped resolve my symptoms, but has given me tools to continue to improve how my eyes and brain function together. I have always struggled going to the optometrist as I had cataract surgery when I was 20 - I think it a way my eyes never adjusted fully to the artificial lenses. Dr. Cam has been able to explain how the surgery has affected my vision in ways no other optometrist has done. The team at Opto-Mization constantly goes above and beyond and I always feel at home when I'm there. I highly recommend Dr. Cam for anyone needing vision therapy (and for those who don't know they need it yet ;))
- Sarah B.
Cam and the team are absolutely phenomenal. They are so genuine, knowledgeable, and caring. Many of their patients are often experiencing physical pain, emotional pain, or both; likely feeling insecure and vulnerable. It is so helpful to be surrounded by a supportive, non-judgmental team during this time. I remember when I started at OPTO-MIZATION,, in my early twenties, learning that I was reading at the level of someone in early elementary school. In addition, I was surprised to learn that the symptoms of motion sickness that I regularly experienced, along with my inability to write straight across a page, and my poor hand-eye coordination, were also related to visual processing deficits. This information was both validating and devastating to learn. I completed nine months of therapy and I am thrilled to report that there was significant improvement. Following therapy, my reading level increased substantially. This is a new field and the team is constantly learning and understanding everything they can to better assist their patients. If they can help you, they will do everything in their power to assist you on your journey. Finally, I think it is important to note that if your needs do not fall within their scope of practice, they will be completely upfront and honest about this.
- Sarah z.