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I have Post Concussion Syndrom and Optomization changed my life. They have taught me about my vision and brain issues and how to help with symptoms. I highly recommend this Dr and gis team!!
3 weeks ago
- L F.
Best eye doctor experience I’ve ever had!
1 month ago
- Worn 1.
I have been dealing with Severe DAI TBI and PTSD for 12 years without much relief from many symptoms due to the injuries I sustained in an MVA. Seeing Dr Cameron McCrodan was a game changer! Huge relief with the glasses he made up for me with prisms in them. Every other Dr who tried prisms made my double vision worse! What he did made it so I could see one image. Instead of double, quadruple to looking like a kaleidoscope when extreme neurofatigue would set in for me! Vision therapy is going to take place to retrain my visual system to do what it did before my MVA and the prisams will no longer be required in the end. I heard about him about 5 years ago but waited...I wish I never did as a ton of issues have been validated by him and his staff and my life is improving further. Something I never thought could happen. Thank you Dr. Cameron McCrodan and staff for your expertise in your field and being professionals on a higher level.
2 months ago
- WES M.
Dr. McCroden was extremely personable, knowledgeable and was able to impart a solid understanding of where my eyes are struggling.
6 months ago
- Melodi
Thank you to Dr Cam McCrodan and all the exceptional staff at Opto-Mization. My son had been struggling with reading at school and at home, and I had a suspicion that he might have an issue with his eyes and may need glasses. Dr. Cam did a series of exams and questions to assess his condition. As it turned out my son had an eye tracking issue and did require glasses and vision therapy. With new glasses and vision therapy, my son has found reading at school and home to be much more enjoyable. He no longer finds himself struggling and being met with frustration. I've seen his confidence blossom since getting the vision therapy and new glasses. When he first got his glasses, his friends wanted them to. Because of the dramatic change in my sons eyes I decided to get my eyes checked with Dr Scott and found that I needed glasses as well. The staff of the optical department were amazing and helped my find my first pair of glasses. They were not satisfied till I was with my prescription. Please take the time to check out Opto-Mization, they can help with more than just troubles with sight and reading. Tyler Galloway
7 months ago
- Tyler G.
It’s been a few years since I went through the whole vision therapy. I’m dropping in here to share what has been beneficial from this training in the past few years. I am completing a 4 year program currently in post secondary and I’m looking back in such appreciation for this therapy. I’m able to understand what I’m reading much more efficiently. I can get through my exams at a normal amount of time. My eyes don’t feel strained as easily if I want to study for longer sessions. I can sit down for longer to study without feeling what I thought were attention problems but were that my eyes were constantly strained. Thank you for the amazing therapy!! School would have been a nightmare if I hadn’t done this training.
7 months ago
- Amanda H.
My family's journey with Opto-Mization began out of sheer concern for my children. My youngest (7 at the time) struggled with reading, and traditional approaches - including getting glasses - hardly made a difference. His difficulties were often misinterpreted, leading to inappropriate solutions like ADHD medications. Everything changed when an occupational therapist suggested visiting a developmental optometrist. I'd never heard that term, but when I googled it Opto-Mization came up. I took the leap and contacted Dr. Cam, who diagnosed my child with convergence insufficiency. With therapy, His transformation was incredible. He began reading voluntarily, and showed remarkable improvement in his schoolwork. That led me to bring in my daughter (11 at the time), who had depth perception issues that led to clumsiness, and awkwardness in catching and kicking in sports. We had no idea her this could be a vision problem. Working with Opto-Mization, her transformation was instantaneous, enhancing her reflexes and understanding of spatial relationships. This has provided wonderful benefits in sports, and will continue to help her when she becomes old enough to start driving. My eldest (15 at the time) faced similar challenges, spending exhaustive hours on homework. Post-diagnosis, she underwent the same therapy, leading to astounding improvements.The five hours of homework she used to do was cut to two, and she got better grades and was happier at school! Our family's quality of life has significantly improved, and it's all thanks to Opto-Mization's care and innovative approach. I will forever be grateful, and highly recommend this clinic.
7 months ago
- Cora W.
Hands down the best healthcare experience I have had in a long time. Dr McCrodan is a true professional. Extremely thorough exam process, educated me in great details, extremely knowledgeable and highly friendly and approachable. His staff were incredibly organized, friendly and knowledgeable as well and the clinic is incredibly clean and modern. They are setting the bar high for other clinics. Looking forward to getting my new glasses.
2 days ago
- Jamie G.
Had a great experience with Dr. Can McCrodan. Very thorough and able to address my issue right away. Knowledgable and kind.
2 days ago
- YUI L.
Dr Masata has literally changed my entire life. She was the first doctor who listened to my concerns, sympathized and immediately created a treatment plan for my Migraines. I have gone from 4-6 migraines a week for years to now the past two weeks only have 1 per week for 40 mins. I look forward to my future visits and watching more progress. Thank you endlessly Dr Masata.
6 days ago
- Ashley V.
Cam and his team are awesome!!!! So knowledgeable and friendly. The process of changing my glasses was seamless. Highly recommend !!!!
6 days ago
- Damon P.
I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. McCrodan’s services and staff. The office is friendly and inviting. My assessment was thorough and informative. Dr. McCrodan tailored the program to my individual needs. The vision therapist with whom I worked was highly professional, competent, reassuring, encouraging and made the sessions fun. Since my experience I’ve met several others whose lives were also significantly benefited by Dr. McCrodan’s program. I highly recommend Opto-mization for neurovisual issues.
1 week ago
- Sandi K.
It was a pleasure meeting Dr. Cam McCrodan. Had a great conversation and learned more than I could've imagined. Joanne was a great help with choosing my new glasses and I'm looking forward to driving in my new Mauii Jim sunglasses!
1 week ago
- neal n.
Opto-Mization, Dr Cam and their great staff have given me my life back. They are thorough, professional and so encouraging. I had been on disability due to vision, balance and cognitive issues. With their help I have recovered from my concussion and have been able to return to work. Deeply grateful for their support.
1 week ago
- Tammy L.