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I started vision therapy due to having a few leaning disabilities that I wanted addressed and once I went got my vision checked it was found that I had binocular disfunction. That made a lot of sense since the disabilities that I had where reading, writing and mathematical comprehension. After getting the assessment done it was time to start my therapy. I worked with Lauren as my main therapist and she was amazing and personable making the therapy something that I would look forward to every week, I also worked with a few other therapists along the way who all brought a unique perspective. When you first walk in you are greeted with amazing friendly staff. The doctors are very attentive, extremely knowledgeable, are able to answer your questions and bring about a better understanding of the therapy and how the eyes and brain work in conjunction and what glasses prescription you will need to get the most out of your vision. They keep an eye on your progress chart and make adjustments when and where needed to make sure that you are getting the most out of your therapy. The therapists that are working on your plan and chart are extremely Knowledgeable, attentive, focused, and adapt based on what you are able to do. I found that it's very much what you put in is what you get out kind of situation and if you follow exactly what they say (not under cutting the homework or over doing the homework) then you are going to be able make very large improvements in your therapy. I was able to finish early but it was a lot of hard work to get there and now I'm very happy with the results. So thank you everyone at Opto-mization. A special thanks to both Dr. Cam McCrodan and Dr. Scott Irvine for all their help, knowledge, and patience.
1 month ago
- Tyler R.
I've been to this establishment twice for a thorough eye-exam. The facility is clean, the staff is friendly, and Dr. Cam is both easy to work with and is reputable. My first trip was excellent but unfortunately the second was a little disappointing. Gathering my prescription from the second appointment was frustrating. The main barriers were an early unposted closure at the clinic and... later finding a prescription wasn't recorded... so I had to book and pay for another exam.
2 months ago
- Marky P.
Dr Cam and his team are fantastic. I'm really optimistic about my plan and appreciated the education and support.
2 months ago
- K F.
Dr. Scott Irvine and the Opto-mization staff were very helpful and professional in diagnosing a visual issue I had been having, and providing steps to reduce the impact on my day to day.
3 months ago
- Max P.
Dr. Cam and his staff are the best! I got a terrible concussion in 2015 and after 3 brain injury programs in Alberta, I finally flew to Victoria, BC for the most significant improvement I have had yet. Although I have never fully recovered, I have improved with the help of this excellent optometrist and his warm and caring staff. I couldn't have done it without you Dr. Cam!!! Many, many thanks for improving my quality of life!
7 months ago
- R L.
I have a long history of concussion from both contact and non-contact sports. When I was referred to Dr. McCrodan I was having significant vision issues, to the point where I was having significant problems reading. I also had significant headaches, dizziness, and fogginess that were exacerbated by any amount of light exercise. As a student with plans to attend graduate school, my mental health was in significant decline. At my first appointment, Cam was incredibly empathetic but also completely confident he would be able to help me; he was willing to fully guarantee the cost of 20 weeks of vision therapy. Eric, the vision therapist I was assigned, was very personable and also confident that I would be able to make significant improvements. The vision training itself was tiring work, especially alongside classes. While it was only 20-30 minutes of exercises nightly, they would cause an increase in my symptoms for the night. I had to make sure that I was done all of my schoolwork for the night before doing them. I was still skeptical, and it was well over halfway through the process before I started noticing improvements. The magnitude of how far I'd come was not fully apparent until I completed the program. When I no longer had the nightly assignments and challenging weekly sessions with Eric, my symptoms were nearing a negligible amount and I was able to start slowly introducing exercise again. Now, a year after having met Cam, I am back to school and have been able to return to the gym for higher intensities of exercise. It took a lot of work, but was incredibly worth the vast improvements I've seen in both my mental and physical health. I very highly recommend for anyone with similar issues to seek out treatment with Opto-mization.
8 months ago
- Casey
Before seeing Dr McCrodan and his team I could barely walk a kilometer, due to PCS. Now I can run, swim and work part time. I am immensely grateful
12 months ago
- Max A.