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Vision is about much more than just seeing clearly. From post concussion, to struggling readers, visual function is a key ingredient to our experience.

Our vision workshops can help bring understanding to how vision matters in your work and life.

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Did you know that 80% of struggling readers have a problem with how their vision works? When we say vision, we don’t just mean seeing clearly either. Problems with how the eyes track and work together can even cause symptoms that mimic or contribute to dyslexia and ADHD.

This workshop will provide background about the visual functions that are important for reading, writing, and attention. It will cover testing, treatment, and how to detect these issues in kids.

Reading & Learning Problems in Children | Patient Testimonial
Post Concussion Testimonial

Concussion/Head Injury

90% of Post Concussion cases experiencing symptoms have a problem with how their vision works. Headaches, migraines, dizziness, light sensitivity, balance problems, trouble reading and more, can all be caused by visual dysfunction after concussion.

Learn about how visual function is affected after concussion/head injury, how to detect visual problems, and what is available for treatment.

Post-Concussion Testimonial

Senior’s Vision

Whether it’s preventing falls, maintaining an active lifestyle, or improving quality of life, seniors vision is important. Many problems caused by depth perception are misattributed to ‘just aging’. How quickly and accurately your eyes and brain work together is a key part of balance, and driving. How well your eyes maintain focus and alignment is key for reading, painting and focusing on your hobbies.

Learn about how vision matters for seniors, how to detect problems, and what is available for treatment.

Occipital Stroke Treatment through Vision Therapy | Patient Testimonial
senior vision

Sports Vision

Your hand-eye is only as good as the speed and accuracy of your depth perception. From lightning fast and accurate reflexes, to great peripheral awareness, there is more to performance vision than meets the eye.

Learn about how vision impacts your performance, how it can be affected after concussion, and what you can do about it.

Car Accidents & Post Concussion | Patient Testimonial

Profession Specific and Custom Workshops

Want to learn more about vision in the context of your specific profession or area of practice?

Contact us to have a workshop designed to meet your needs

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