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Whats an Ocular Migraine 640×350 1.jpg

What’s an Ocular Migraine?

An ocular migraine can cause the sudden appearance of visual distortions, and even temporary blindness in one eye. Either way, an ocular migraine can be quite scary.

5 Ways a Stroke Can Impact Vision 640×350 1.jpg

4 Ways a Stroke Can Impact Vision

In this article, we explore the various ways a stroke can negatively affect a person’s vision and explain how a neuro-optometrist can help rehabilitate vision.

Why, post concussion, would turning your head cause snapshots of vision to follow slowly?

That's actually a really cool one. So when you're turning your head there's a couple of different things that need to happen. One if you're turning and looking at a stationary target you know your eyes have to stay on that. But oftentimes when you're turning your head, we've got...

Amazing letter from one of our post concussion patients

I wanted to write to talk about my experience with Dr Cam McCrodan and the Optomization Team. I sustained a concussion in a car accident over 5 years ago. I was originally in denial with regards to my injury but I deteriorated at a fast pace and within a few...
Can a Brain Injury Affect Visio 640×350 1.jpg

Can a Brain Injury Affect Vision?

If you’ve experienced a traumatic brain injury, you might still be experiencing some visual problems. Schedule an appointment with a neuro-optometrist, who can diagnose and treat visual problems resulting from your head injury.

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After an old injury, muscle on the top side of eyes feels like it’s pulling or tearing!

 There are a number of interesting symptoms that can come up when vision has been impacted after injury. With that light sensitivity and everything, I would definitely urge you to make sure that you've had an appointment with an optometrist who works in this area because there are a...
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